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Southern Run Pony Club and CWF PC members have just returned from a wonderful experience at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.
From our farm we had 6 Championship qualifiers to represent the Deep South Region of Pony Club.  Catherine Waddell in Quiz,  Alexa Sinha and Karen Guzman in 1st level Dressage, Libby Sleeper in Training level Dressage, Libby Ty Bauer in jumping and Lauren Chandler in Beginner Novice Eventing.  We were joined in jumping by fellow SRPC member from Tupelo, Chandler Head and in Quiz by Gabby Bray from Memphis and our good friend from the coast Lilah Frank.  Elizabeth Hubbard was the stable manager for the Event team.
The kids all had a wonderful time.  Our C members had some wonderful Dressage scores with teams coming in 3rd SM and 3rd overall.  The Quiz kids were Wizz kids.  Not sure where they came in but they did us proud.  Our D members can ride, no question there.  Their SM left a lot of questions to answer. They have given us our focus for the next season of rallies.  We will "knock Socks Off"  this coming year in SM!!! Watch out.

    We are located in Oxford, Mississippi

    Welcome to our Cedar Wind Farm Equestrian Center and home to the Oxford Chapter of the Southern Run Pony Club.   Our farm is our home. Bob and Evie Tumlin moved to Oxford in 2002.  Our interests and occupations have been in aviation and horses for many years.  Bob is a ham radio operator and enjoys transmitting in Morris Code . 
   We have a grass landing strip in the back of the farm and welcome aviator friends who fly in from time to time.   Bob spent many years rebuilding old Stearman aircraft and showing them and winning! at Oshkosh and in FL at Sun and Fun air shows.  He recently rebuilt an antique helicopter and won with it at Oshkosh.  He still helps maintain the helicopters and trains pilots for the Limestone Co. Sheriff's Department in Alabama.  His latest toys are Antique Allis Chalmers tractors.
   Our horse operation includes Children and Adults lessons on their horses or on our school horses and ponies. 
   Evie's background includes competing with open jumpers, eventing and combined training through advanced, and many years competing and training horses through the FEI levels in dressage.  She holds the USDF Bronze and Silver Medals.  She is an "L" judge graduate from USDF and has held USDF regional coordinator positions for Instructor/Trainers and for Adult Education for the past 18 years. 
   Evie has trained students from the beginning who progressed to the North American Junior Young Riders programs in both Eventing and Dressage. 
   The latest project here at CWF is the construction of a schooling cross country course.  It is a work in progress but we have begun to run schooling horse trials and combined tests through Novice with some Training fences and questions.  We already has ditches and banks for schooling.  We have an elaborate water complex that has refused to fill.  Still a work in progress.
   We run several schooling shows each year.  They are primarily dressage shows but we are adding Combined Tests to several of these shows this year.  We have a Horse Trial that is growing in popularity first week in September.
  Please enjoy our web site and contact us if we can answer questions for you or be of service.


The Breeze  is CWF's occasional news letter.  You can read the most current news letter at this link. 
The Current Breeze


Cedar Wind Farm  is a facility that supports many different equestrian activities.  Our primary focus is Dressage and the Pony Club pursues jumping and cross country.  We are a boarding, teaching  and a training facility

We  have a fairly large program for children as well as adults to learn the basics about horsemanship as well as riding.  We start children at age 8 and many stay through high school.  Some find their own mounts and others ride the available school horses throughout their training.  We start adults when ever they want to start!!

The Southern Run Pony Club has one of 3 chapters based at our barn.       The other chapters are in Hernando, MS with Meredith Wilks as instructor and  in Tupelo with Will Montgomery temporarily acting as trainer.  We hope to provide support  to one another with frequent exchanges of activities and information.

CWF holds adult classes twice a week in the evenings and some weekends.  Private lessons are also always available.   We have several school masters through the FEI Dressage levels and others that are just good basic school mounts. 

Our Summer Adult Dressage Camp has become very popular. In mid June  we host about 18 adult Dressage enthusiasts who come from several states around.  We have 4 instructors, each with particular focus.  Pilates is a big part of the camp.  Riders are lunged privately each day and work in groups as well as privately with each instructor.

Through the year we hold several open Dressage Schooling Shows with ā€œLā€ graduate or above  judges.  Twice a year we include a combined test with these schooling shows.  One will be Dressage and Jumping and the other Dressage and Cross Country through Novice.  They are a wonderful opportunity for our riders to get inexpensive ring  and CT experience. We also hold a one day Schooling Horse Trial as a fund raiser for the SRPC. It will tentatively   be held in May.

Our farm is on 113 acres.  Boarders and students can ride in the woods or in the hay fields and on the 2650 ft grass runway .  We are slowly building x-country jumps and we have a full set of stadium jumps for boarders to use and to use in the lessons.



Bailarin  "Baile"
(The Dancer), 
(The Dance)
Elegant Boy

We grew up!!!

                        Bob and Evie with Bob's new toy.  1949 Allis Chalmers.  And it runs!!  Cute, cute, cute!!










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